A certified nail tech and this?!

With prior experience in various industries, learn more about Lynette’s transition to a leadership role.

A certified nail tech and this?!

Meet Lynette, Co-Head and project lead at Potato company Playlogue Creations - the creative minds behind 100% Kickstarter funded board game Fly-A-Way. A blend between the words ‘Play’ and ‘Dialogue’, Playlogue aims to evoke meaningful conversations through game design and storytelling.

In this week’s #PotatoSpotlight, Lynette walks us through her journey of forming and managing a team from the ground up.

1. Tell us a little about yourself

I’ve dabbled in different lines of work throughout my career – corporate communications, events management, volunteer management. Who knew I’d be leading a startup now! On the side, I’m a certified manicurist. I also like watching K-dramas, and cherish story time with my toddler.

2. What are some pros and cons of managing/working in a small team?


I don’t have prior experience in leading a company, so starting small is definitely more manageable and less daunting for a first time. Communication within the team is also easier, as we’re all aware of our roles and tasks at hand. It’s also easier whenever we need to make collective decisions. We’ve had a couple of new team members recently, and I think it’s easier for newcomers to get to know the current team and vice versa.


There were times when there were many things we wanted to do or try, but not enough hands. Other times, we want everyone to be on the same page, we may end up spending more time discussing and updating each other.

3. How would you describe Playlogue in 3 words and why?

Games – This is what started Playlogue, through developing Fly-A-Way

Experimental – As a startup, I believe we need to try new things

Collaborative – Good things stems from collaborations and it’s mutually beneficial

4. What is the greatest misconception about your job?

Project management is prevalent in almost every occupation! To be honest, my job isn’t just about projects and operations. It also includes customer service, sales, HR and filling whatever gaps the company needs that are within my ability.

5. In your opinion, what are the most essential attributes for a project and operations head?

Having an open mind, beginning every project with an end in mind and being on top of timelines. Communication is a two-way street. Before embarking on a project, I believe it’s important to seek our team members’ opinions to make sure we believe in it and will make it work. For us, projects are about teamwork.  

6. When did you decide gamification/game design was the right path for you?

This was a collective decision with the team, when we were deciding on the direction of the company’s business. We wanted to leverage our team’s expertise in editorial and design, and to continue to grow our portfolio after Fly-A-Way. We like how games can tell stories and convey messages in a fun way.

7. How do you manage the team with Oon Hong, your co-head? What is the working relationship like between the two of you?

Oon Hong and I both manage the design and content team respectively. We like to keep communications open, thus the whole team shares ideas with each other on a regular basis so that we’re all on the same wavelength. We’ve been through quite a lot together; working on Fly-A-Way and setting up Playlogue as a company, and I’m thankful to have her alongside to lead the team. It certainly helped a lot that we were already familiar with each other’s working style. Although both of us have different job scopes, I still discuss stuff with her that are non-design related, especially when making company-related decisions. I feel that this creates a support system between us.

8. What are some aspirations you have for Playlogue?

Developing more games, be it for ourselves or clients. As a team, we’d also like to continue developing games that tell a story, or one with a cause. I also hope for Playlogue to have our own warehouse filled with games, waiting to be sold. After going through our first Kickstarter campaign, I’d also like Playlogue to be able to help other creators have their campaigns come alive through our knowledge, experience and content.

9. If you could live in a video game for 24 hours, which game would it be and why?

I’m not a video game person! But if I could live in a board game, I’d choose Trekking the World, visiting all the wonders of the world.

If you are interested in having a chat with Lynette about Playlogue Creations, click here!