Augmented alphabet learning with AR-phabet

'The Patatas' partners with My First Skool @ Boon Lay to pilot AR-phabet learning application

Augmented alphabet learning with AR-phabet

The Patatas, a Potato company, is working with educators from My First Skool to test out the viability of AR-phabet - an application that uses Augmented Reality (AR)  to enhance the learning experience of alphabets for students aged three to six.

From left to right: Sheila Manokaran(Outreach and Project Manager, Potato Productions) , Ms Sharmila and Peixian (Project Coordinator, The Patatas)

About AR-phabet

A joint effort between The Patatas and My First Skool, AR-phabet is an Augmented Reality based application that teaches the alphabet in an interactive and immersive way. It uses AR interactions to promote fun and engaging learning of the English alphabet among children.

AR-phabet includes alphabet AR cards and an android tablet with the application installed.

Making learning more interesting

After creating CaseStudy, The Patatas was inspired to continue using technology to bridge learning gaps. Often taught by traditional methods of reading and writing, learning the English alphabet can be a rather dry and repetitive process for children. Additionally, educators may find it difficult to impart to students in a way that encourages information retention.

With AR-phabet, The Patatas hopes to ease the process of learning for both children and educators.

“Hopefully, with the additional learning support and engagement through AR-PHABET, it will lead to increased information retention.”

Peixian, Project Coordinator at The Patatas

How AR-phabet came about

AR-phabet was developed by shortlisted ITE students who entered Potato For Good, a competition organised by Potato Productions in 2020. For the competition, they had to apply visual learning, design and logical thinking skills to come up with the best way to create a fun and interactive learning experience through AR for kids below 12 years old.

Coincidentally, AR-phabet is actually inspired by interns(also from ITE!) who created a Chinese AR learning app while with The Patatas in 2019!

An ongoing user testing

Around fifty students, aged three to six, will use the application during their English lessons for three months. Those who take longer to pick up alphabets have been chosen to assess how much AR-phabet assists with their learning process.

At the same time, educators can assess if AR-phabet is an effective alphabet learning tool among students.

The user testing will run for 3 months, with collated results to be reviewed after October. Until then, stay tuned for updates on AR-phabet!

Special thanks to the ITE Alumni Association for providing the android tablets and Minister Desmond Lee for supporting this initiative.

About ‘The Patatas’

The Patatas is a social innovation company that tailor-makes digital and technology based solutions for partners. They are most well known for CaseStudy- a shock-proof, portable learning suite for students in unfavourable conditions.

This partnership is made possible by:

Pei Xian- Project Coordinator, The Patatas

Ms Sharmila- Principal, My First Skool @ Boon Lay

Sheila Manokaran- Outreach and Project Manager, Potato Productions