In the world of poetry, artistry and technology

She starts off her day with a cup of coffee and a meditation session. Meet Kia Yee, the label lead, artist and writer at Feelers.

In the world of poetry, artistry and technology

She starts off her day with a cup of coffee and a meditation session. Following that, she spends her day at Feelers working on different creative projects!

Meet Kia Yee, the label lead, artist and writer at Feelers.

In this week’s #PotatoSpotlight, she takes us through how COVID-19 has led her to her current career at Feelers and what are some exciting projects we can look forward to at Feelers!

1. Tell us a little about yourself! (Doesn't have to be centred around work!)

I’m a practicing poet and artist who leads Feelers, an artist-run label focused on art and technology. Libra Sun, Virgo Moon, Scorpio Rising :3

2. Share with us more about your role as the Project Lead at Feelers

I oversee the direction and development of Feelers as a business and artist-run project. I also support our Technology Lead, Ashley, wherever I can.

3. What led to your current career at Feelers?

I think it was a matter of being at the right place and the right time. When COVID-19 hit, I was reflecting on how my artistic and writing practice would need to adapt and grow to survive under the new conditions. Hans, our Head Spud, spoke to me and some other staff members then about looking for tech solutions to support artists. Though I was quite resistant to the idea of using technology in my work, I leaned in and the slow process of reflecting and iterating since is what led me here.

4. Share with us what a typical work day at Feelers is like for you?

I wake up, meditate, read, and make coffee before checking in with Ashley, and spending the rest of the day working on whatever project we’re focusing on at the moment. Because our projects are quite fluid, I don’t really have a typical set of tasks. They range from content development and budgeting to marketing, writing and video editing. But most of my time and energy is actually spent on thinking – thinking deeply about where Feelers can and should go.

5. Feelers has launched numerous interesting projects such as build-a-caifan and Streetlamp No 107101, what inspires the team to come up with such unique ideas for the project?

We follow where our intuition, curiosity, and artistic desires lead.

6. What advice would you give to others who aspire to have a career in the multi-disciplinary art and design industry?

Take time to clarify your desires and intentions with yourself. Because the conditions can be harsh (low pay, few opportunities, long hours), you need to know why you’re here and what you truly want to do. It helps to hold on to these, so you don’t lose sight of them as other pressures come in.

Also, find community. Find people who will eat supper with you, ask you good questions about your work, who you can be honest with. Don’t go at things alone.

Finally, stay open to change, and reflect regularly upon where you are and what else is possible. Your path will likely look quite different from what you expect. Trust the process and take care of your health as you go.

7. Any interesting projects that we can look forward to for Feelers?

We’re undergoing a rebrand and shift in our business model towards something that feels more aligned and sustainable! Launching at the end of the year :)

8. Share with us what is one attribute of Potato which you really like.

I like how open we are to new ideas and possibilities. Curiosity is key to how we operate, and it makes for a lot of fun, a lot of hope.

9. (Just for fun!) If you could use an object/person to represent 2022, what/who will it be and why?

Probably the sun (which is neither an object or a person). It’s been a pretty active year of being more social and visible as an artist, writer, friend and family member, which has led to a lot of joy :)

If you want to have a chat with Kia Yee to find out more about her experiences or Feelers, click here.