Playlogue’s aspiring waacker

Introducing Key, a talented designer at Playlogue Creations and active game player!

Playlogue’s aspiring waacker

From actively playing games to doing visual and web designs, Key works together with an amazing team at Playlogue Creations to create and design gameplay products such as Fly-A-Way. Outside of work, he is also an active dancer! 🕺

Read on to find out more about Key’s role at Playlogue Creations.

1. Tell us a little about yourself!

I love and play a lot of games, both video and board games. When Covid-19 started, I picked up Animal Crossing: New Horizons and played it constantly for 6 months. I ran an instagram account dedicated to it @cybearizons, made tons of friends and gained almost 20k followers back then.

I am also a big fan of One Piece. When I was in high school, I designed and drew my own One Piece theme caps, tshirts, notebook covers and calendar because I couldn’t get merchandise in my small town in Vietnam.

2. As a visual and web designer, what excites you most when it comes to designing?

The ability to solve the briefs with simple and smart solutions, which include both concept and execution. At the end, I want to put a smile on the user's face.

3. What is a typical work day like for you at Playlogue?

As we have been working from home for a few years, we usually have daily meetings in the morning to update our process and gossip (sometimes, haha). If there is any creative work, I will try to do it after that when my head is still fresh. Depending on the stages of our main project, the “typical” schedule will vary. Around this prototype and playtest stage, we will occasionally have online playtest in the afternoon to balance the gameplay.

4. Name a few of your proudest contributions/experiences working at Playlogue!

Obviously my contributions on designing the gameplay, illustrations and website for our first board game Fly-A-Way, together with the team. It was difficult, but we all did our best to publish the game. I feel like a proud parent when hearing compliments from players, like “our kids keep asking to play the game again” or “this bird illustration is so nice”. Haha☺️

5. You have done some impressive dance moves on Playlogue’s tiktok account! Do you have any exciting hobbies that you like to share with everyone?

I have been constantly practicing dancing for more than a year now. In particular, I love waacking. It is an extreme expressive and free form of dance which focuses on arm movements, posing created in the 1970s disco music era. 🕺 I am nowhere close to the level of Lip J in the video, but hopefully I will be good (and confident) enough to join  waacking battles that could be super fun and nerve-wracking experience. 😝

If you are interested to find out more about Playlogue Creations and game design, you can check out their website or even have a chance to chat with Key here.