What you need to know about being an editor in publishing

Introducing Maziah, the talented multi-linguist as she shares her experiences of doing content strategy at Tuber!

What you need to know about being an editor in publishing

In this week’s #PotatoSpotlight series, we cast the spotlight on Tuber’s Senior Content Strategist, Maziah. As an avid learner of multiple languages, Maziah amazes us as she takes on a path towards being multilingualism and creating meaningful content through the art of storytelling!

Read on as she shares more about her experiences working at Tuber and her interests as well.

1. Tell us a little about yourself!

I enjoy language-learning and I’m currently picking up Korean, Persian and Singapore Sign Language. Yes, all at once.

2. What led you to your career at Tuber?

I did a professional internship at Tuber while still studying at NTU. Before graduation, Tuber asked if I wanted to join them – and so it goes.

3. What do you think is an important quality to have as an editor in publishing?

Attention to detail, understanding what is important and useful to the audience, and having a curiosity and awareness of current language use and trends so you can play with them and also not let any embarrassing boo-boos slip.

4. What are some common misconceptions others have about editing and publishing?

That it’s only about dealing with words on the screen or page.

It’s also about helping others to understand the style of the client or publication – this is not just for junior staff, but can include helping the clients themselves understand what is needed and wanted by their audience. An editor also has to know where and how to get ideas, and who can help you make things happen – turning ideas into reality is the hard part.

5. You have been working at Tuber since the very start for almost 10 years now, what you decide to stay at Tuber after so many years?

The projects are interesting and always changing, and there’s a positive learning culture.

6. What are some career goals that you hope to achieve in 2022?

Taking on new projects that allow us to expand into different storytelling media and audiences.

7. If you could describe Potato Productions using one word, what would it be and why?

Versatile – just like the actual potato, we’re a mash-up of many different skills, flavours and personalities.

8. Share with us one of your guilty pleasures!

Don’t really have one. I indulge fully in my pleasures and enjoy all the things I like with no guilt or shame whatsoever.

If you want to have a chat with Maziah to find out more about her experiences or Tuber, click here.